October 24, 2010

Snowball is a white rabbit that first moved into Green Acres about two years ago and when a snake killed his rabbit family he moved inside the house where he became a couch potato watching a lot of TV.


Then when the little Momma Banty Hen was having a domestic squabble with her husband “Roho” the rooster, Snowball allowed her to come inside with him for a safe home.

 Of course “Momma” forgot to tell Snowball that she also had three young daughters that would be moving in also. (Typical of women to keep a few secrets you know)

 Then as an added surprise, “Momma” has done gone and added to her family.

 Of course Snowball, being the rabbit he is, continues to share his home with this extended family he is accumulating. 

Snowball just has one huge question, “Rabbits usually are the one that people expect to multiply so why does Momma Hen keep multiplying faster than him?”
Every Dad needs someone to give him a back massage so Snowball is teaching his foster kids the proper techniques of Back Therapy in hopes that they will earn many carrots for him. 


  1. Lou said

    BOL! It’s one of the unsolved mysteries of the world…

  2. Judy said

    lol…Snowball asks a very good question! 🙂

  3. Sara ~ Ersle said

    I looooove my beautiful Snowball!! he so nice to let the baby chicks walk all over him! Prob . in more ways than one!!;) hehe!! He is so generous to share his home with the growing family!! And what a beautiful family it is!! xoxo

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